A dose of inspiration: The future is ours

Just found this vid on my Vimeo Timeline. A great 2 minutes of inspiration.

Love it!

SEO dashboard: analyze your competitors linkprofiles

It’s been weeks since I wanted to share this dashboard with you. I was using the tool Tom Anthony has built, but for some reasons, the google doc seems broken.

Thus I tried to build my own and here it is. As I am not a great Google Docs ninja such as Will, I am sure there could be some improvements but I  hope this could help some of you.

What you will find is a SEO dashboard to help you understand who are you competing with for your keywords. It will also give you some information about the Domain Authority and the Mozrank of all your top competitor’s domain names. It uses the Linkscape API, so you will need to get an account at SEOmoz to perfectly use this dashboard.


Domain Authority

All you need is 2 simple steps :

  1. Enter a list of the Top 20 keyword you are trying to rank for and your Linkscape API details.
  2. Leave your comment on this post to give me your thoughts ;-)

You can grab your own copy of the SEO dashboard here.

PS: I would like to give a big thank you to the Distilled crew and the SeoMoz guys who are rocking our SEO world!

10 mistakes you should not make while building your startup (Miss Rogue inside)

Tara Hunt (@missrogue) shares her thoughts and her experience as an entrepreneur. I’ve seen many entrepreneurs making these mistakes, but none with such an analysis. She comes with good learnings and you should obviously listen :

  1. She focused on the ‘big picture’ too much
  2. She focused on the wrong things
  3. She didn’t spend enough time on culture from day one
  4. She didn’t quit my ‘day job’ fast enough
  5. She drank my own Kool-Aid
  6. She underestimated the time it would take to raise money
  7. She listened to the tech press
  8. She focused too much on competition
  9. She didn’t learn from competition
  10. She didn’t communicate

I know it’s hard to understand unless you’ve done one of these mistakes. So hurry up do so! and go to the next level.

Will there be another successful Search engine?

First of all, I have to say I’m a big fan of what Mark Johnson (@philosophygeek) is doing. This guy was involved in some of the most interesting Search Start-ups of the past 5 years (remember Powerset acquired by Microsoft, or Kosmix acquired by Wallmart?). Plus he is the CEO of Zite, my most useful Ipad app: a personalized magazine. But that is not what want to write about. As I’m the founder of a search start-up I am passionate about how the search space will change in the next few years.

Even if I do not totally agree with Mark on the fact there won’t be any new search engine with a general purpose, I think his presentation is worth the watching.
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First aqua shoot with a GoPro HD

I have just turned thirty, and I was lucky enough to get a GoPro HD Surf HERO Set. Here is what my first aqua shoot was like:

Some stuff to think about in your SEO plan

In Europe, most of the SEO community is worrying about Panda, and the recent Pagerank update. My point is really simple: you have to build the best kick-ass website you can, the rest is history. If your service and content has a really low quality, nobody will want to read, use or share it. So don’t focus on your way to optimizing your positions but on your product and the user experience.

Rand has some nice recommendations :

Creative Thinking + Linking in SEO
View more presentations from Rand Fishkin

My method not to cannibalize your SEO with SEM

When you are building your wen marketing plan you often deal with social media, affiliation, search marketing and search engine optimization. And then goes your headache. Indeed, when you have a large website, I mean with thousands of product pages, it’s really hard to decide what type of leverage (SEM or SEO) you need to push the hard way.
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There are tons of methods and recommendations around the web that you will easily find. My guess is that you’d better check the use-case written by pure-players and not agencies (the former don’t want to sell you their sauce ;-) )
I tried to share my thoughts about this issue so here we go : lasix 200 mg check

What if your data center were totally green?

The most efficient Google Green data center located in Finland :

Google best practices :

I feel like this is just communication but anyway such a move could be dreamy.

Do you know what tarp surfing is about?

As an entrepreneur you often aim at disrupting your market. This groms have disrupted surfing by getting barrelled surfing their streets.

I feel like I’m 14 watching this video… :-)